Event photography is the art of capturing weddings, birthday parties, sports events, press conferences, promenades, festivities, and other significant events. It takes advantage of split-second shots that showcase personality and reveal genuine emotions. The countless opportunities to celebrate every occasion allow event photography in the Philippines to thrive.

Event Photography in the Philippines - The Groom
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Event photography aims for the perfect spot and angle to represent the moment and let it live through photos and videos. From minute details of a wedding entourage—the flowers, the gown elements, the wedding ring- up to the most significant transition of events—the tears of the bride and groom, the smiles of the guest, up to when they bid farewell to their visitors to mark the start of their new life as a married couple—event photography captures it all.


Here at Jamir Design, we host event photography in the Philippines that catches the feelings and highlights of the occasion. We work hand-in-hand with clients from various fields to capture the celebrations of their great milestones in life. We focus on one project at a time to guarantee that our lenses perfectly capture every detail of the occasion.


It goes without saying that photography is a fun yet challenging endeavor. What makes event photography even more challenging is the demand for blending the vibe, emotions, and candidness all in one photo. Being an event photographer means having a keen eye for perfect moments and capturing the feelings of your subjects.


We always aim to capture actions and expressions -the smile, the laugh, and the tears- everything that builds the meaning and wonders of the event. We believe that unguarded actions and emotions bring life to event photography.


The richness and diversity of each culture contribute to the wealth of event photography. Here at Jamir Design, we immerse in different practices to understand the core and bring out the joy in each occasion.


Our team strives hard every day to learn something new and improve our editing skills using the most up-to-date photo and video editing software. We also continuously look for inspiration to boost our creative mindsets and bring forth something new to trigger our client’s happiness.


Every guest is the star of the occasion. We make sure that everyone is given the attention and spotlight they deserve because after all, celebrations are about coming together and making memories.

Our unfailing passion for discovering something new and working on the queer side makes Jamir Design a highly recommended event photography services provider. We see every endeavor as a challenge to showcase our skills and love for our craft.

Event Photography by Jamir Design
Andrea Torres | ASIA Brewery, Inc. - Christmas Party
Event Photography by Jamir Design
Max Collins | ASIA Brewery, Inc. - Christmas Party
Event Photography by Jamir Design
Arci Muñoz | Universal Robina Corporation - National Sales Convention


Our team never settles for less. We continue to challenge ourselves to bring forth fresh perspectives to our clients. We go the extra mile to get to know our clients and encapsulate their vision and fancies.

Aside from building a dynamic set of photographers, we also train ourselves to become better communicators. We do not just go to events to take shots and deliver outputs. We listen to what our clients want and provide recommendations to up their event photography game. For us, the most fulfilling part comes when we see the jolt of happiness marked on the smiles of our clients when they see their event coverage.

Here in Jamir Design, we like to keep our works simple yet daring. Get to know us better and let us hear your thoughts.