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Indoor Portrait Photography Tips


Here are a few indoor portrait photography tips that will not require you to get access to expensive studio lightings, but can produce professional indoor portraits still.

What if there aré methods for you to conduct indoor portrait photography in the comfortable surroundings of your home? With only one light source, you can take photographs that look spectacular still. All you will need can be an angle-poise lamp.

8 Indoor Portrait Photography Tips


To begin with, position your subject to be sited before a light absórbing black velvet. Thé velvet creates á black background fór your photo shoot. Concerning support the velvet, you may use about anything to carry it up. A bookcase, for example, is good enough.


After your model is sited, adjust the lamp to ensure that it is positioned just slightly above his/her head. Also, have thé lamp positioned tówards the proper side of your model. This light set will create a classic and spectacular portrait photography result.

There are numerous other lighting effects you can test out. So gó wild with creativeness and do not limit yourself.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed must be relatively fast. I set my camera to 1/160 sec at f/2.8, ISO500. Also, I recommended that you utilize a tripod to check your photography.


The tripod shall eliminate camera shake, refrains from ruined indoor portrait photographs hence. The indoor portrait photos produced will be sharp when you can use a tripod.

Longer Focal Length

I take advantage of the 80-200mm f/2.8 lens and set it to 145mm. Because longer focal lengths shall lead to a much more spectacular indoor portrait photograph.

Take a Few Shots

One thing that you can do is to have a few shots merely to test the éxposure and general sét-up. If you are okay with the settings for the results, you can begin your indoor photography session. It will be great when you can consult with your model beforehand about the many poses and éxpressions he/she cán do.


Different lighting angles will lead to a different indoor portrait photography effect. All you need to do here are to try the various lighting positions and see which works well for you. Such lighting angles are the right side, abové, the left sidé, below and fróm behind your subjéct.


Whenever the light is harsh too, it creates undesired shadow thát ruins your indóor portrait photography attémpts. What you can do here is to employ a reflector on the opposed side of the source of light. The reflector bouncés the light on your subject, creating a more supple light illumination thus.

via Michelle Lee Gui Jinn

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