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Best Photography Beach Destinations for Holy Week


Summer photography is fantastic. Colors are even more saturated, and the lighting of sunlight lends itself to take photos.

Regardless of the early sunrises, summer is still among well known times for photography. Being outside together with your camera in the warmer weeks just feels so excellent.

It’s time to improve your photography and understand light. Understanding the light means many different things in the innovative art of photography. Discovering your manual configurations, mastering the flash, or learning yóur timing.

Some might argue that beaches are more beautiful during the stormy winter months dramatically. But they’re more pleasurable usually, less bracing places in summértime. And thére’s plenty of activity to photograph.

When you’re planning to go adventure with your photography, always check the weather. The optimum time for beachscapes is frequently soon after high tide whén the pristine sánd is steadily revealed.

Coming to low tide on a favorite beach will often imply that the sand is undoubtedly churned up and protected by direct sunlight worshipers.

Always consider which kind of shots you wish to take and fit a proper lens. If you want to avoid changing zoom lens, a telephoto optic is ideal for afar shooting seaside actions. But you might want something just a little shorter if you’d prefer to shoot a portrait.

A wide-angle lens, nevertheless, is well suited for giving a feeling of space.

Zambales is the best photography beach destinations for this Holy week in the Philippines. And below are some of the best places you should consider in Zambales.

Capones Island

You can certainly recognize it by its razor-sharp cliff that overlooks a glittering seaside and is usually crowned by the historical Capones Lighthouse. With Camara Island together, it is a favorite island-hopping side trip destination. Site visitors may enter the building and climb to the very best of the tower.

The marine areas encircling Capones Island and also portions of thé adjacent coastline óf barangays Pundaquit ánd San Miguel abundant with fish and coral reefs presently does not have any particular protection.

Capones Island - Best Photography Beach Destinations for Holy Week
© Erick Dantoc

Potipot Island

Among the many islands scattered among the coastal watérs of Zambales is Potipot, á destination that’s under the radar for a long time. This island is indeed small. You can explore the entirety of it in under a full hour and the most accessible island. Its shoreline protected in sugary whité sand engulfed by crystal turquoisé drinking water is this alluring beauty tó behold. Surrounding the Hawaiian isles will be the verdant mountains óf Zambales that acts as a spectacular backdrop to a similarly beautiful subject.

Potipot Island - Best Photography Beach Destinations for Holy Week
© Shoe String Diary – Travelers

Liwliwa Beach

Liwliwa beach might not just like La Union. But its mild waves and sloping shores maké it a rétreat from the town.

Unlike other destinations, Liwliwa isn’t a crowded and extremely laidback destination. Perfect to disconnect the world, so better forget your phones because the signal is weak. The area may take the off-the-usual-route adage quite literally, but getting there will probably a well worth the drive ór a bus trip.

Liwliwa Beach - Best Photography Beach Destinations for Holy Week
© Atty. HVD

Talisayen Cove

Talisayin is a peaceful beach among the others being a few hours from the town away San Antonio in Zambales. During summer months the shores of the various other beaches are scarred merely by many footprints. But It is still a well-suited destination for a quick and easy adventure.

If you’re commuting from Manila, a Bus is a wise choice to enjoy your trip. And will only take you 3 to 4 hours travel time. Alternatively, you can even get there merely by boat from Subic.

Talisayen Cove - Best Photography Beach Destinations for Holy Week
© Yua Dominguez

Camara Island

Camara island is accessible from Pundaquit and the closest to the mainland. Its encircling waters can be clean and téaming with a marine lifestyle which is why it is perfect for snorkeling. But because the island is relatively small thére is little else that can’t do except to take images.

Having fun in Camara island is good, but you’re not allowed to drink liquor because overnight camping is prohibited.

Camara Island - Best Photography Beach Destinations for Holy Week
© leowanders – Dialogue with a Wanderer

Nagsasa Cove

Regular sand and volcanic ash spewed by Mt. Pinatubo and carpeted by a forest of ocean pine trees. Nagsasa Cove is among the top beach destinations in Zambales.

The cove gives more than how many other bays in the region can offer. Tourists often come to Nagsasa Cove whenever there are way too many of their kind in Anawangin.

Likely to Nagsasa Cove is pretty comparable to Anawangin Cove, and the same pertains to Talisayin Cove and even the farthest Silanguin Cove.

Nagsasa Cove - Best Photography Beach Destinations for Holy Week

I hope that you enjoy your holy week this year and may these best photography beach destinations inspire you to go out and look for a new adventure.

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