Let’s Talk: Delivering Message through Photography

Delivering Message Through Photography

Communication is one of the most important elements in a relationship. The same is true in photography. It is important that you learn how to get your message across and that you understand other people’s message as well to avoid conflict.

A lot of factors including noise can affect the quality of communication and may impair the relationship between the speaker and the listener. As in photography, a photo can evoke a thousand meanings and emotions. However, a single mistake can ruin the quality of the picture and cause dissatisfaction from the clients. Thus, it is crucial that you learn how to convey your message through still images.

Photography is both an art and a science. It blends the two concepts in a delicate balance to form a unique yet endearing masterpiece.

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Understanding the Art and Science of Photography

Photography as an Art

Art fuels the creativity and imagination of photographers and takes their masterpieces way beyond people’s expectations. It enables photographers to meet the clients halfway and make their visions come to life in a whole new light. It is about letting the emotion travel and communicate through still images. Photography is about capturing the moment and immortalizing it in ink and color.

Photography as Science

Photography, like Science, is a rigorous process that entails careful planning and employment of a strategic approach. It requires fixing the light, finding the right angle, and mastering the use of digital devices to produce a photograph that leaves a lasting impression. It is about staying curious and feeding your mind through continuous learning.

Conveying a Message through Still Images

A good photographer knows how to listen. Here in Jamir Design, we listen and unravel our clients’ stories before we proceed with the delivery of our photography services. We believe that understanding who our clients are and what they want to happen is the key to a captivating shot. To help you better understand how to deliver your message to your target audience, here are some key points.

  • Understand the purpose of the picture
    When you look at photos in magazines, billboards, and any other print media, what do you look for? What attracts your eyes? Arresting images could appeal to the audience only if the photographer captured the purpose of the message. Is it to inform? To empower people? To evoke emotions? The purpose of your photos can affect your audience’s reception of the message.
  • Determine your focus
    Who/what is your focus? The key to conveying a message correctly is to know your subject. What are its characteristics or distinct personality? What aspects do your clients want to highlight for their campaign? Identify your focal point and start working from there. Again, photography is a never-ending getting-to-know process where you have to deal with your subject and learn more about it as you go through the whole process.
  • Set the mood
    Experiment with the background and work with your clients. What do they want to achieve with the photos? What message do they want to convey? Knowing the simple things about your clients makes it easier to bring out the mood and make it appear as natural as possible with the subject.
  • Illustrate ideas through the photos
    A great photographer uses abstract images and symbolism that cut across different audiences. For instance, a picture of a father cradling his little girl can depict a number of meanings when you know how to capture the emotion correctly and which angles to focus on.
  • Know the perfect timing
    oments come and go in a split second. Thus, it is crucial that a photographer has the pulse for the right time to capture the expression and emotion that lie during that fleeting moment.
  • Narrate a story
    A good photographer tells a story through still images. You should know which elements to include and which ones to eliminate to deliver your story. Your photo must do the talking for you and your subject. Capture the little and the most significant things that some usually ignore but matters. A mother holding the hands of her child can tell a story of motherly love if photographed properly.

Photography captures a piece of time and makes it last for eternity. Here at Jamir Design, we lend our ears to our clients and listen to their stories. In so doing, we capture their personality and convey their message. With us, you have a confidant and a photography service provider all in one. What’s your message? Come, let’s talk.